At Park Dental Arts, we understand the dangers of tooth loss and how this can weaken your jaw and lead to major complications in the long run. This is why we offer a tooth replacement that not only fills the gap in your smile, but also preserves your jawbone and facial structure, so you can smile with confidence for years to come, possibly decades!

How Implants Work

Dental implants are made of three major components. The first is the post, a biocompatible titanium post that acts as a new root and stimulates jawbone structure. We will plan and guide the placement with digital technology, so it sits at the right angle and position to keep your smile whole and provide a durable base for your new tooth. The next portion is the abutment, which is attached to the post and extends above the gum Iine. This abutment allows us to attach a custom crown for an individual dental implant, or a portion of bridge or denture if you’re receiving an implant-secured prosthetic. You avoid bone loss and can eat your favorite foods again! Plus, you can once more smile with confidence.

Novadontics Implants

We’re proud to offer Novadontics as part of our implant dentistry services. With advanced technology and multiple data references, this system enables us to design and craft your prosthetics in-office with computer-assisted design and manufacturing. This means we can insert your dental implants and attach the finished prosthetic in the same visit, so you leave our office with a full smile!


If we find your jawbone has lost mass and density due to tooth loss and can no longer support traditional dental implants, we can still offer tooth replacement. Mini-Implants are smaller and require less structure for support, so we can help those with weakened jawbones receive a durable and lifelike tooth replacement. They don’t require an abutment, so the process of completing your new tooth is shorter too.

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We can find the best solution for your tooth loss using implant dentistry. To schedule an appointment or if you have questions, please call our office in San Diego, CA, at (619) 544-1745. We proudly serve the residents of San Diego and surrounding communities.