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Sedation Helps You Relax During Appointments

San Dieg, CA dentist offers oral conscious sedation for patients or patients

If you have anxiety regarding dental appointments, you are not alone. It is estimated that around one-third of all people in the US have this fear. This worry may be caused by concerns about invasive procedures or having your teeth cleaned. No matter what the reason is, our team at Park Dental Arts in San Diego, CA, is here to help you feel comfortable during your visit so that you can receive your necessary care. We can help achieve this through the use of dental sedation.

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What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Previous bad experiences, worry about procedures, feelings of overstimulation, and other factors may contribute to a person being anxious at the dentist. These worries can prevent a person from feeling safe and comfortable, and as a result, they may put off necessary appointments. When routine checkups are put off, your oral health can be put at risk for cavities and gum disease. These will require you to undergo more restorations in the future, and the cycle of dental anxiety may continue.

At our office, we want our patients to feel at ease during their visit. Before your checkup or procedure, talk to our team about your options. After going over your health history and discussing your needs, your dentist can determine what the most effective form of sedative will be for your needs. Other ways to increase you comfort at the dentist include talking to your team about your concerns, finding a caring dentist, and practicing breathing techniques. 

Your Sedation Options

There are several means that can be used to increase your comfort during appointments. The type used will depend on your needs, health history, and the type of treatment you will be receiving. In dentistry, oral conscious sedation is used instead of general anesthesia because the patient needs to be able to respond, when necessary, throughout the visit.

One method is with nitrous oxide, which is often referred to as “laughing gas.” This will be administered with the use of a mask and should last for the entire duration of your visit. Nitrous oxide is an oral conscious sedation, meaning you will be conscious and able to respond, if necessary, but you should not feel discomfort during your procedure.

Another method may be done through the use of a prescribed medication. This may be used for patients with more severe forms of dental anxiety, or before invasive dental treatments. Remember to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment when this form of sedation is used. The effects can vary between patients.

Talk To Our Team About Sedation Options

Do not put off dental treatments due to anxiety. To discuss calming options available for your next appointment, please call our office in San Diego, CA, at (619) 544-1745. 

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