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Looking At Your Dental Implant Options

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When you have lost natural teeth, lack of treatment could mean the breakdown of the jaw, so you have issues eating, speaking, and with maintaining your youthful appearance. But our team can prevent these complications by placing one or more dental implants. You can visit Park Dental Arts in San Diego, CA, to find the right solution for your tooth loss, whether you have lost only one tooth, or have lost most of them and require a denture!

Traditional Dental Implants

With traditional dental implants, we will carefully examine your smile and assess the strength of your jawbone. We then insert a biocompatible titanium dental implant post into the area where the missing tooth once stood. The post acts as new tooth roots and prevents the breakdown of mass and density in the jaw that typically follows tooth loss. When the area heals, we can attach an abutment to the post and connect a crown for an individual tooth, or a portion of bridge or denture if you have multiple posts and more severe cases of tooth loss. In fact, we have options that can support a full set of fixed prosthetics, often in only one visit!


With Novadontics, we can offer a full or partial set of dentures to address major tooth loss, and do so in only one visit! Using advanced technology and several data references, this system enables us to gather images of your smile so we can design and craft your prosthetics in-office. The posts are inserted into the jaw, and abutments connected to them. In the same visit, we then attach your denture to the posts so you leave with a full and beautiful smile! Implant dentures are fixed in place, never slip, and last far longer than traditional removable dentures.

Mini Implants

If the loss of mass and density following tooth loss leaves your jaw weakened and unable to support traditional dental implant dentures, we could talk about an alternative. With Mini Implants, we have posts that are small and require less structure to keep them in place. We then insert them into the jaw, where they stimulate the growth of structure to prevent further breakdowns in the smile. We then connect a prosthetic with an abutment, so your new tooth or teeth can be completed in a single appointment.

If you have any questions about how we use dental implants to address minor or severe cases of tooth loss, then contact our team today to learn more.

Schedule Your Tooth Replacement Visit Today

Our team wants to find the right solution for your missing teeth with implant dentistry, so you can enjoy your favorite foods again and smile with confidence. To schedule your appointment for dental prosthetics, please call our office in San Diego, CA, at (619) 544-1745. 

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